Best Braided Fishing Line 2020

The best braided fishing line is very popular in some situations because of its high knot strength, lack of stretch, and great overall power in relation to its diameter. Braided fishing line were originally made from natural fibers such as cotton and linen, but natural fiber braids (with the very rare exception of braided silk) have long since been replaced by braided or woven fibers of a man-made materials like Dacron, Spectra or micro-dyneema into a strand of line.

The best braided fishing line have low resistance to abrasion, sharp objects can easily cut braided line. Their actual breaking strength will commonly well exceed their pound-test rating.

The most popular braided fishing line often have 1/3 to 1/4 the diameter of mono or fluorocarbon line at a given test breaking strength. Therefore, it is easy to fit much longer braided fishing line on a spool than monofilament or fluorocarbon line for the same strength. This is very important for deep sea fishing, since reels don’t have to be very big to accommodate long fishing line. Also, thin braided fishing line provide less resistance to sea currents.

The best braided fishing line have very little stretch, making fishing rigs very sensitive to fish bites; This is very important for both deep sea fishing and when targeting fish with a gentle bite. Due to the minimal stretch of the best braided fishing line, hard-hitting fish will frequently cause the line to break. Thus it is very important to set the drag on reels very low.

The best braided fishing line are very flexible and can be easier to cast long distances. Braided line typically floats, and as such, is a common choice for top water rigs and lures.

One drawback of braided line is that they are highly visible in the water, and thus visible to fish. Hence, it is common to attach a monofilament or fluorocarbon line to the end of the braided fishing line to serve as a leader and to reduce the high visibility of the best braided fishing line.

When cutting braided fishing line to tie new lures, it’s best to use a sharp pair of scissors rather than a nail clipper. The clipper will leave frayed ends because of the multi-stranded best braided fishing line. A clean cut is possible with sharp scissors.

Due to their flexibility, lack of stretch and most important, slippery surface, the best braided line are hard to knot properly. There are several knots that can be used with the best braided fishing lines: Double Palomar knot , Berkley Braid Knot, San Diego Jam Knot, Trilene knot, Alberto knot etc. It is very important to tie the knots very carefully.

The best braided fishing line, particularly the newer synthetics, can be successfully used on any type of fishing reel, but are perhaps most well known as excellent line for bait casting reels, in particular for trolling where they remain especially popular among many fishermen.

Jerry Brown Industries provides outstanding Line One Spectra® in spliceable, hollow and standard braid solid line in 24 different lb tests and 5 colors. Our specialty is fishing line, although there are many other applications.

Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Core Spectra

Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Core Spectra

– Spectra to Spectra
– Spectra to Mono
– No-Knots – No Loss of Line Strength
– No Albright or Bimini Twist knots like other Spectra lines
– Truly Hollow allowing for “Chinese Finger Cuff” Splices – Nearly Un-noticeable in Rod Guides and across Guide Rollers
– Ultra-Fine fiber means Silky Smooth Strength – Your eyes can tell, your hands will appreciate the difference
– Longer Life and Damage Resistance, Sunlight-resistant

Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Core Spectra Reviews:

Best Hollow core – I have tested several hollow cores including Cortland, Toro Tamer and Seaguar, JB has the smallest diameter and also the strongest.

Love this stuff – I Use this line on my reels all the time. It’s the best there is. Period. Great quality but the price is almost double the non hollow core which is outrageous. Great product love the ability to splice and make knotless connections for jigging rigs, bottom rigs and trolling rigs.

Best Braid! I use jerry brown hollow braided line in all my reels for jigging , rail rod , casting , popping and it is the very best braided line out there.

Best Hollow Core on the planet Amazing line that never needs replacing. You can splice more material to refill your spool if you get broken off like I did on a huge grouper! I like the colored lines so I can tell if it’s me in the tangle coming on board. I’ve caught Yellowfin tuna over #200 on this line and grouper over #250.

Great line I put this line on a Shimano Tiagra 30 standard width for SoCal bluefin. Line is cast-able and great for bait and flat fall fishing. I used a 600yd spool for the reel and it left enough room for a top shot if you are not using a top shot get more line!

It is expensive but strong as the day is long In my opinion the stuff is fantastic. Flawless splices in this line when it comes right down to it, and it’s STRONG. You will not need this unless you are fishing for big sharks or bill fish. Flawless splices in this line. strong.

My Go To line for conventional reels As a charter captain, I need a durable and cost effective line with consistent performance. I’ve been using JB hollow 60# on most of my conventional reels (small and mid sized) for a few years now and it’s perfect. While hollow core line is more costly than solid braided line, the cost advantage comes with long term use. Specifically, the ability to splice the line and retain 100% strength! If I need to trim off a few yards of line off the top every few trips due to normal wear and tear, it’s no problem. If an error (line hitting a prop, for example) causes a loss of line, no problem. Adding in more line with a spliced connection makes it like new again. With solid braided line you would have to knot the connection, loosing line strength integrity and ending up with a knot somewhere in your spool (that you don’t want). With a splice, it’s a smooth connection and keeps the full line strength.

Highly recommend The best and strongest line out there in my opinion. Very smooth and very strong got a couple colors to choose from. It’s a little thicker than your normal braided line and if you soak it in water to spoil your reel the color of the line gets everywhere.

Jerry Brown Line One Hollow Core Spectra FAQ’s:

What size JinKai mono can be spliced with Jerry Brown 60lb Hollow Core?

40, 60, or 80lb mono.

What diameter is the 100lb in mm?

100lb is .433mm and 80lb is .457mm.

Which Fluorocarbon would be best matched to this hollow core braid?

We would not recommend Fluorocarbon we would instead recommend Mono.

To splice this line do i need a splicing kit or any other tools?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you use a splicing kit to ensure the best bond between the hollow core and your monofilament line.

Jerry Brown Line One Non-Hollow Spectra

Jerry Brown Line One Non-Hollow Spectra

Jerry Brown Line One Non-Hollow Spectra Reviews:

For depth control This braid combines the best of both worlds. You have the supple Jerry brown hollow core and you know how deep you are with the metered line. Must have for setting baits at correct depths.

Jerry Brown Line One Non-Hollow Spectra FAQ’s:

Jerry Brown Decade Line One Hollow Core

Jerry Brown Decade Line One Hollow Core

Jerry Brown Decade Hollow Core Spectra is a spliceable, multicolored braided line, with 10 different colors that change every 10 yards. The multicolored feature makes Jerry Brown Decade an ideal braided fishing line for jigging and trolling. The 10 yard intervals of different colors helps you target fish at specific depths and set up trolling spreads with lures or baits and teasers at desired distances.

Jerry Brown Decade Line One Hollow Core Reviews:

For depth control This braid combines the best of both worlds. You have the supple Jerry brown hollow core and you know how deep you are with the metered line. Must have for setting baits at correct depths.

Great product I have used this hollow core line in several weight classes including the 130 to make wind on leaders and to fill spools and add top shots. It is durable and the color changes help control depth.

Awesome lineI spooled several reels with this line and used the hollow core to make wind on leaders. The line is durable and easy to work with. Have used it to fight and catch several big eye tuna. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat.

Great lineThe colored metering is something we have grown addicted to especially for deep drops. Much easier than a line counter. This line is of good quality and supposedly lasts for years. I have not had mine in the water yet but have several years on other braid lines.

The Best Hollow CoreIf you want to fish hollow core JB is by far the best.

Colored line for depth controlI use the line for deep water jigging and like the colored line for depth control. The line is a little thicker in diameter than some spectra lines but I like that. It’s very easy to splice to with fluorocarbon leaders.

Very good lineThe colors make it so helpful when dropping down either jigging or at/near the bottom to really dial in the bite. This line is some of the easiest to splice that I have used.

Best braid in marketIt’s my favorite braid line, perfect for deep water bottom fishing

Great multi purpose lineUse this for sending planers down with breakaway clips when king/ Hoo fishing. Multi color allows precise depth placement without having to spend a ton on down riggers!!

Great BraidJust spooled this before my last outing but very impressed with the quality, smoothness, and flexibility. Only did a little jigging but landed a jack on all but one drop no problems with the line. I love the color patterns for determining the depth of your jig.

Jerry Brown Decade Line One Hollow Core FAQ’s:

What is the diameter of the 80#?

Diameter 0.018in, 0.457mm

Best knott line to 150 lb leader?

You could use a Uni to Uni or a FG knot.

Jerry Brown Splicing Needle Kit

Jerry Brown Splicing Needle Kit

This splicing kit contains 7 hollow needles for threading monofilament through hollow-core spectra, 3 loop splicing needles, and 3 reverse latch needles. Splicing needles in this kit are capable of splicing 20lb to 300lb mono and 60lb to 200lb spectra.

Jerry Brown Splicing Needle Kit Reviews:

Regret not buying much soonerBought this kit for rigging own wind-ons and hollow core splices. Couldn’t be more pleased. Put in the effort and it affords the ability to save money making own rigs.

It Works amazing80# yellowfin have tested this hollow core method in our boat, we have had great success. Worth every penny when you wind on your top shot and your fish is with in gaff range… No hand lining. The JB Kit provides every diameter you will ever need.

Expensive but very usefulI bought this so I could rig my own top shot. Definitely takes a little practice, but extremely useful when swapping your own top shots out.

Jerry Brown Splicing Needle Kit FAQ’s:

Does the kit come with complete instructions for use?

The Jerry Brown Needle Splice Kit comes with a set of instructions in the tube the needles are in.

Is this kit needles only or does it include the loop tool and latched tool?

The Jerry Brown Needle Splice Kit does come with the loop tool and the latched tool.

PowerPro Super 8 Slick V2

PowerPro Super Slick V2 Best Braided Fishing Lines

PowerPro Super 8 Slick V2 Braided Line has been redesigned to bring on a new level of toughness. This line features a “smooth as silk” surface. The smooth surface means reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides, which allows this Power Pro braided line to cast like a bullet. It’s made with dense weave, 8-end construction with proven EBT coating process. This braided line also features added abrasion toughness. This provides the strength and power for this braided line to rip through the heaviest cover with the same force as traditional 4-end braids.

Reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides allows Super-Slick to cast like a bullet. Silent as Assassin – Smooth surface design reduces friction and line noise, allowing you to fish with stealth and silence.

– Super-Slick is 8-end Spectra fiber construction for anglers who demand high performance.
– PowerPro ”EBT” (Enhanced Body Technology) process creates a stronger, thinner, smoother and quieter braided line.
– Available in traditional Blue, the popular Moss Green and now introducing Hi-Vis Aqua Green for the visibility minded angler, and Onyx for those looking to catch the monster Bass.

PowerPro Super 8 Slick V2 is available in the following colors: Hi-Vis Yellow, Marine Blue, Onix, Aqua Green, Moon Shine

PowerPro Super 8 Slick V2 is available in Test (LB.): 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80

PowerPro Super 8 Slick V2 reviews:

PowerproPowerpro in blue. Whats not perfect about it for the nearshore and offshore crews.

SlickDefinitely lives up to the name. Great casting and strength. I just wish it didn’t cost so much otherwise I’d put it on all my reels.

Highly Recommend Braid lineSuper strong quality braids. I brought a few of them. My go to braid brands from here on.

Slick Indeed – Spools up very compact. Knots easily. Resists tangles.

Best braided line – power pro does it again – This braided line is great. I’m a fan of power pro products from the beginning and this new line is no exception. All the features of power pro, but improved. Less memory (if that’s possible) and extremely strong.

One braid to rule them all Hands down the best braid on the market Great casting on a bait caster and Spinning gear.

Super slick braidGreat for plugging. Cast long

Casts a mile!I have no complaints with this braid, super smooth.

Great product, powerful and slimWonderful product. Tough to find the best braided line for all occasions. This is the one. Slim and light weight, yet tough!

Awesome glow and very smoothThis braided line looks great during the day and even more awesome when glowing in the dark. Great for night fishing, especially where there is structure which could tangle you.

Fan of Super Slick 8 I’ve used the hi-vis yellow for several years. While disappointed that hi-vis is gone this new moonshine looks great. Been fishing twice with it and still fantastic quality braided line.

The bestYou get what you pay for. Super smooth casting and reeling. Strong and durable. Highly recommend.

Simply the bestYou get what you pay for. This is the only braided line I use up to around 80lbs. Its on my pitching and flipping , frog rod, inshore spinning gear, and my lever drag.

Greatest braided lineLove this braided line. Small diameter and super strong. Gives you the ability to feel the smallest bump.

Limited opportunity, but pleasedBecause of the current stay-at-home situation, and closures of parks, public access to fishing, etc., I have only been able to fish the line twice. I have only used the line while bank fishing for steel head on rivers, to cast spoons. Both times I was pleased with the performance of the line – much improved over the previous braids I have used. Again, my experience so far is limited, but the knot strength, flexibility, line strength, smoothness, etc. (the very things that my previous experiences with braid caused me to abandon them) seem much improved. I’m pleased with my purchase and will probably buy some 50-60 lb for salmon fishing.

PowerPro Super 8 Slick V2 Video:

How to spool on the best braided fishing line:

Many mistakenly believe that best braided fishing line will slip on the spool unless you take Draconian measures to prevent it.  Experience has clearly shown that putting on several layers of mono, Dacron or duct tape are totally unnecessary. This practice is not recommended to solve a problem that does not even exist.  Braided line grips the spool much like tread on a tire grips the road better than a smooth one with an infinitely small contact area. 

Before you start spooling, form a good knot, (such as the Berkley Trilene knot) cinch it tightly on one side of the spool leaving a long tag end to be laid across the arbor.  Spool the first full layer of best braided line onto the spool in a close side-by-side fashion under tension of 6 or more pounds over the tag end.  If this is done, the the best braided line will not slip!  No exceptions have been reported but try pulling on it at this point if you have any doubts.  When convinced, you might tell a friend that it works. 

Continue filling the spool under tension without any exaggerated crisscrossing.  Tension about 1/2 the drag pressure expected may be appropriate when spooling heavy- duty braided line. Exaggerated crisscrossing creates open space in the spool which may invite the subsequent layer to dig in.  In any case, crisscrossing is a one-time-event because you would not attempt exaggerated crisscrossing when fighting a fish because to do so would give the fish the opportunity to shake the hook.  Actually, even if you think you are laying the line tightly under tension in a close side-by-side fashion, it is likely that you can’t see that you are crossing several wraps every turn because the line is so small diameter.

Some believe that braided line should be spooled on wet.  This is not needed, but if it makes you happy, ok.  The main concern with wet spooling is that often insufficient tension is applied.  Fresh water causes no problems, but I would not use sea water which has about 3.5% salt (about a 1/3 pound per gallon).  Salt causes spool erosion.  You would be saturating the line with salt all the way down to the bottom of the spool to start trouble later.